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• The colleges are bound by all the rules and regulations made by the college from time to time. Any matter not expressly provided for in these rules shall vest at the absolute discretion of the Principal, who also reserves the right of modifying these rules as and felt necessary.
• To safeguard its ideals of character and personal behavior, the college reserves the right to expel any student at any time for any reason seen sufficient by the Principal as misbehavior in the College campus.
• The chairmen / Principal reserves the right to remove from the rolls the name of the any student for failure to pay the dues in time
• Students are required to read the notice put on the Notice Board of the College. The College shall not accept any responsibility for any loss/damage incurred by student owing to his / her failure to read the notice in time.
• Smoking, chewing pans, drinking (alcohol) and use to'Drugs' are strictly prohibited in the premises of the College. 6) Every student will carry identity card supplied by the College and produce the same when called for any the authorities of the College.
• Any one found indulging ragging in any form within or outside the College and shall be instantly expelled from the College.
• Student are required to show due regards for the rights and property and property and property of the College. Any students found guilty of damaging / tampering the property like fixture, books, equipment, furniture, building, vehicles etc. of the College or its shall be punished and might be liable for expulsion from the College.
• White apron is compulsory for all the students during practical.
• Medium of instruction - English / Hindi / Marathi.

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